Steph Taylor was born and raised in Santa Cruz and is a graduate of Holy Cross and Marello Prep. She has two amazing teenagers. In addition to being a “cheerleader” for all her kid’s sports teams, Triangle Speaker moderator, and youth volunteer; she is also an avid sports fan, book club member, karaoke singer, reality -‐TV junkie, and self-‐proclaimed grammar witch.

Steph Taylor has spent over 10 years as an activist and has an opinion about everything….just listen to find out. [Visit Steph’s Page]


Rob Watson is a well read columnist and Director of Partners and Alliances Communications for Hitachi Data Systems. He blogs on evol =. He has served as the president of the board of directors for the Santa Cruz Aids project and is a dedicated activist for the LGBT community. He was a foster care parent and became the adoptive parent of his two sons. [Visit Rob’s Page]


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